Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

Unique fundraising ideas are the ones you should aim for when you need to raise a large sum for your church. These types of ideas are the best to use because they offer the largest profit margins.

Let’s take a look at different unique fundraising golf tournament fund raising ideas that will help you earn big. First is a church carnival. This involves setting up a family oriented carnival on the grounds of your church. This type of event is very first to set up, all you need to do is to contract for carnival rides from an outside firm. Aside from fun carnival rides, you can also add more fun to your event by getting or renting inflatable enclosed jumping areas, which children will absolutely fall in love with. Offer face painting; offer prizes in children’s games; sell out handicrafts; organize a cake walk; and set up other various fun activities.

If you’re going to have a carnival, you can sell affordable tickets from a large roll, which can be redeemed from different activities or can be used to buy food and drinks in your event. Aside from earning money from your rides, you can also set up a silent auction by positioning different tables that are filled with items, which have been donated by several local business establishments in your community. Place your tables in a strategic place so that they can get large numbers of bids from your guests.

The next thing you and your members can try is an event called Golf Balls From Above. This is also very fun. This basically involves dropping down thousands of numbered golf balls from a hot air balloon onto a marked target area. The golf balls who are going to land closes to the hole will be the ones with cash prizes, services, or goods which have been donated by various local business owners in your community. The latter can also come from items, which you and your set of volunteers have purchased. This works similar to a raffle because before the actual date of the event, you’re going to sell tickets that have numbers printed on them. People who have the same numbers as the golf balls that are closest to the target areas will be the winners. To maximize profits from this campaign, you need to be aggressive at selling tickets. If you get to sell out 10,000 tickets with each one costing $10, you will surely gain big money. You need to make sure that you’re going to use the same number of ticket sales on the amount of golf balls that you’re going to drop. Choose cool and interesting prizes so that you can convince a lot of people to buy tickets from you.

The last fundraiser idea that I have in store for you is a charity auction. Fundraisers that involve auctions are also very promising and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t set up one for your group. Ask business owners in your area to donate items, which you can use auction items.