Mark Roemer Oakland Shows the Big Benefits of Blogging and How to Write One




According to Mark Roemer Oakland, blogging lets you share your ideas, opinions, passion with countless other people and form a deep connection with them. You can write blogs to educate others or simply gain exposure to make your business popular. Writing a blog article is not as difficult as you may think. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of blogging and how to write one in a few simple steps.


The Benefits


  1. It helps to start a new business – Even if you start blogging as a hobby, it is possible to turn it into a real business and make a living out of it.


  1. It helps to gain exposure – Bloggers have the opportunity to interact and connect with thousands of readers worldwide. Thus, it lets people gain exposure that can help grow their existing business or personal brand.


  1. It lets you build authority and expertise – Popular bloggers are well recognized within their niche and develop a large fan base. Authority helps you in a number of ways including improving the website rank in the search engines and selling more products or services.

Here are the steps you may follow to write a blog article

  1. Planning – The first step is to plan the blog post. Thus, you must do some research and choose a topic that you are familiar with or interested in writing. It may take a few minutes to hours to research new topics and check all the facts. After conducting the research, you must create a rough outline to make sure you remain on point.


  1. Crafting the headline – It is necessary to craft a great headline since it’s the first thing that a reader will read. Thus, your headline should be short, catchy, and informative. However, you should avoid titles that sound like clickbait or contain misleading information.


  1. Writing – Now, it’s time to start the writing process. Be sure to complete the whole article at one go and refrain from editing during the writing process to improve your productivity. There is no need to doubt your writing expertise and re-edit your work constantly since it can make the job much harder.


  1. Including images – Including images in your blog post is crucial to explain complex topics and make the overall content more engaging to read. It also improves the flow and readability of the blog post. Thus, you must search for and include high-quality images that are relevant to the topic and helpful to the readers.


  1. Editing – Before you hit the publish button, it is important to check your article for errors such as spelling and grammatical errors. You should also pay attention to the flow of the article, the structure, and redundant sentences.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you start a personal or business blog to gain first-hand experience on how to run, manage, and grow a blog. Plus, you can turn it into a new business and earn some extra money in the process.