Men’s Fashion Coordination: Colors and Pattern Matching

Women are massive into fashion. Trust me, they’re paying attention to your clothes–even in case you’re no longer. ESPECIALLY in case you’re no longer. Because if you’re not dressing to electrify, you probably seem like a slob. Hey, do not feel awful. Lots of fellows do it. But if you need to fulfill the lady of your goals and fall in love, you need to forestall it.

The desirable information is that in case you make this alteration, you will right away skyrocket your success because you’ll be within the minority of guys that women respect as being fashionable.

Here are a few no-nos:

Don’t wear turn-flops. This is just terrible.
Don’t put on Hawaiian shirts. Likewise.
Don’t put on sweatpants. These are smooth ones. We’ll delve within the info soon right here.
Don’t put on black footwear with a brown belt, or vice-versa. You need your belt and footwear to fit.
Don’t put on white socks. They’ll stand out.
Don’t put on crappy-fitting denims. Women take note of this kind of aspect. Trust me!
Don’t put on tennis footwear. Women love footwear, and that they want to look you wearing a pleasant pair of leather footwear. Oxfords or loafers are excellent.
Don’t put on graphic tees. This screams Jersey Shore, and also you don’t need to be associated with that.
Don’t slick lower back your hair. Ditto.
Don’t wear an excessive amount of cologne. You simplest need to be smellable if she’s proper up next to you, now not across the room.
Don’t have untamed hair. This mens fashion sneakers is going for the hair on your head and to your face. Beards and lengthy hair are exceptional, as long as they are nail filing.
Don’t have loopy nails. Cut those matters, or you’re vulnerable to scratch her. Ouch.
Don’t put on a ton of glitz. This will make her snigger at you, not with you.
Don’t put on a tie. Too formal.

I may want to go on, however the ones are the fundamentals. Now for a few positives: things TO wear:

A quality button-down shirt. Make sure it is no longer too large across the waist. Roll up the sleeves for a fab appearance.
Sunglasses, if appropriate. This method OUTSIDE, in the sun.
Leather shoes and matching belt. (See above.)
Jeans. No khakis, no shorts. Jeans.
A nice sweater.
A t-blouse and a blazer. This is a in reality hip appearance.
A little cologne. Just a dab at the back of the ears is all you need.