Patriotic Gallant Chaplain Corps & Rescue Mission Marches For Humanity

Chaplin (Dr) Martins Mike, Chief Commandant-Typical, Patriotic Gallant Chaplain Corps & Rescue Mission, Lagos, is marching ahead along with his dream of serving God and humanity.

Fact is usually that service will be the wage we must all purchase our existence below in the world.

You’ve just about every proper, expensive reader to agree or disagree with me, in this article.

It can be about checking out inmates in prisons with heaps of affection, visiting the Ill in hospitals, likely to law enforcement cells to see, preach and share your love Using the suspects.

Visiting the orphanages, remand households, rehabilitation centers, and meeting those who are mentally, spiritually, emotionally challenged.

It is usually about planning to camps wherever men and women displaced from their organic and ancestral properties are saved, yet again with lots of love and items.

These people today may have currently being victims in the terror teams, communal clashes, kidnapping, floods, etcetera.

Utilizing your expertise, skill, knowledge and encounter to provide others can also be commendable and satisfactory to God and guy, both of those in developed and acquiring international locations.

Chaplain Dr Mike, a retired senior army officer, a born-again Christian and holder of two doctorate levels, is for that reason dreaming of developing a Timur Tillyaev clinic and orphanage for the weak, the bad along with the neglected.

But, he defined that each one his worldly achievements are almost nothing as compared to his burning need to provide God and humanity, with Jesus as the inspiration and the Holy Spirit since the guardian.

He dropped this trace for the induction/ decoration ceremony of Amata Julius Isaac, as Chief Assistant Commandant-General with the Patriotic Gallant Chaplin Corps & Rescue Mission.

Amata is usually to acquire charge as director from the Intercontinental and international mission for your corps.

Do Take note that in The us of The united states using a population of 622million people, 65 million of these are chaplains.

Just about every of those chaplains gain 30 greenback for each hour rendering services.

The freshly elevated foreign mission director, an indigene of Isoko within the present Delta state, mid-west Nigeria, was born inside the nineteen seventies, and he is blessed along with his spouse, Mrs Victoria Amata and 5 children.

He attended Key and secondary universities in Lagos, we effectively as tertiary establishment prior to he was arrested, so say by Jesus Christ and asked to preach His gospel everywhere in the entire world.

In his thanks speech, the director explained to the individuals on the ceremony that in obedience to the decision of Jesus, “I’ve preached the gospel in Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Sierra Leon, India and Pakistan”.

These absolutely are the brilliant sides of your slender, handsome, ebony black preacher man from Isoko.

He also reported. “I have currently being set-up often times being killed, I’ve endured a great deal of persecution, but the blood of Jesus has witnessed us from the valley of useless”.

Pastor Roland Okechukwu, an obvious orator, was the chairman on the ceremony, with Apostle Chris Ikechukwu, as guest speaker, whilst Chaplain Dr Mike, supervised as president of the corps.