Short process of powder metallurgy technology

If the bonding metallic is product of pre-alloy,Guest Posting the pre-alloy powder has a unmarried melting factor; its melting point may be managed with the aid of adjusting the composition system share and desire. Pre-alloyed powder than mechanical powder aggregate extra uniform due alloying, so its overall performance additionally stepped forward. In the diamond drill bit all 20 28 powder through the sintering process, as long as the temperature rose above the liquids of the pre-alloy powder as a bonding aspect, powder melting, the sintering technique of the products could be over, as a consequence fending off the mechanical combination of powders in the matrix sintering. The commonplace ingredient segregation and low melting factor metallic is first melted and enrichment as well as oxidation, volatilization, and different ills, that may make certain the satisfactory of the drill bit, drill performance additionally be improved.

Diamond drill bit frequently package deal insert isn’t ideal, diamond dropping phenomenon, usually used manner to feature a small amount of chromium or titanium, chromium, titanium, and many others. Are robust carbide forming factors in the matrix, whilst they’re with the diamond the formation of a skinny layer of Cr3C2 or TiC contact among the diamond and chromium powder, titanium powder, in order that chromium, titanium powder aggregate of both with the diamond, but additionally to hold a positive binding pressure with the alloy matrix, thereby enhancing the holding pressure of the matrix alloy diamond. However, because of the chromium powder, titanium powder in the matrix alloy itself is a free combination, and consequently adds chromium powder, titanium powder to enhance the limited impact of manipulate of the carcass at the diamond, now not basically resolve the matrix the package deal insert of the alloy diamond. The most essential manner is to remedy the problem of the wetting angle between the good matrix alloy and diamond.

The particle length of metal powder is less than two hundred meshes in diamond drill bit. Some steel powder is without problems oxidized and grimy, which include copper, titanium powder, manganese powder. It is difficult to save for a long term, inclusive of the protection of titanium powder vacuum-packed. Oxidation of the metal powder sintering hobby is significantly decreased, and a serious effect at the fine of overall performance of the drill. For pre-alloy powder because of the introduction of sure antioxidant pigment, ensuing alloy ordinary antioxidant capability has accelerated, you could clear up the lengthy preservation of the powder.

In present day production of bit matrix and other diamond merchandise, similarly to a small quantity of uncommon elements are brought within the shape of mechanical aggregate, the huge majority use the usual pre-alloy powder. In addition to skeleton metallic, one matrix system is just matching one or types of pre-alloyed bonding steel. In the production of bit matrix and different diamond products in China, nearly they all nevertheless use mechanical blending single-powder technique. It only impacts the production efficiency. The extra essential problem is that pleasant of diamond merchandise is always maintained at a low stage without a step forward. And one of the critical motives is that there are no realizations in pre-alloying of matrix steel powder