How IQOS Is Revolutionizing The Smoking Industry?

Significant shifts have taken place in the tobacco industry over the past few decades, with the introduction of a plethora of new products designed to provide consumers with alternatives that are less hazardous and more pleasurable to use. One of these alternatives is IQOS, a relatively new product that has completely disrupted the business. The “I Quit Ordinary Smoking” (IQOS) device is a “heat-not-burn” device, which means that it heats the tobacco rather than burning it. This offers smokers a less harmful method to enjoy tobacco while still getting their nicotine fix. This article explores how IQOS is disrupting the traditional smoking business.

Reduced Harmful Chemicals 

Traditional smoking involves burning tobacco, which produces harmful chemicals that are dangerous to smokers and non-smokers alike. However, with IQOS, tobacco is heated instead of burned, which means that smokers inhale fewer harmful chemicals. According to research, IQOS reduces the number of harmful chemicals that smokers inhale by up to 95%. This means that smokers who switch to IQOS can enjoy tobacco without exposing themselves to the same level of harm as traditional smokers.

More Convenient 

Smoking traditional cigarettes can be inconvenient, especially in public places where smoking is not allowed. However, IQOS is more convenient since it produces less smoke and is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This means that smokers can enjoy their tobacco without having to go outside, making it a more convenient option. Additionally, IQOS is easy to use, and smokers can carry it with them wherever they go, making it a more convenient option than traditional cigarettes.

Better Taste

One of the primary complaints that smokers have about traditional cigarettes is that they have an unpleasant taste. However, with IQOS, the taste is much better since the tobacco is heated instead of burned. This means that the tobacco’s natural flavours are preserved, providing smokers with a more enjoyable smoking experience. Additionally, there are IQOS sellers such as who,offervarious flavours that smokers can choose from, providing them with a more diverse and enjoyable experience.

Less Secondhand Smoke 

Traditional smoking not only harms smokers but also affects the people around them. Secondhand smoke is harmful, and people who are exposed to it are at risk of developing various diseases, including lung cancer and heart disease. However, with IQOS, the risks of secondhand smoke are significantly reduced. This is because IQOS does not produce as much smoke as traditional cigarettes. Additionally, the smoke that is produced by IQOS is less toxic, which means that even if someone is exposed to it, the risks are significantly lower.

More Environmentally Friendly 

Traditional smoking produces a significant amount of waste, with cigarette butts being a major contributor to environmental pollution. However, IQOS is more environmentally friendly since it produces less waste. This is because IQOS uses tobacco sticks that are smaller and less bulky than traditional cigarettes. Additionally, since IQOS reduces the amount of tobacco that smokers use, it means that they can reduce their impact on the environment.


IQOS is revolutionizing the smoking industry by providing smokers with a safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable way of consuming tobacco. From reducing the number of harmful chemicals that smokers inhale to being more environmentally friendly, IQOS provides numerous benefits that traditional cigarettes cannot match. Additionally, since IQOS is relatively new, it is constantly being improved, which means that smokers can expect even better products in the future. Therefore, for those who are looking for a less harmful and more enjoyable way of consuming tobacco, IQOS is an excellent option to consider.