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Looking at the current GPS market,Guest Posting with the increase in the capacity of the map, the growth of entertainment content, high-capacity GPS growth in demand is quite strong, cheap, vicious competition depressed the demand. Various brands were launched only with 4G memory, GPS navigation systems, to be honest only enough to hold nearly 3GB of high-definition map and other things on stretched. Xiaobian to recommend a WANHE navigator, the machine comes standard with 8GB of storage, the assembly of a genuine map of Kay Rucker and round after round, while the retail price of only 998 yuan.

At this point, the domestic first-line GPS Saint Hubert Medal manufacturers WANHE introduced a built-in capacity to 8GB V723 new products, it is to meet the needs of the consumers. Pairs of maps, music, movies, books and other content, and can single-handedly mastered.

Wanhe unique S-power satellite technology, the hardware system for Saint Hubert Search Star optimization, the the Wanhe GPS can quite quickly search satellite channels, using a unique satellite algorithm to locate the current position, which greatly shorten the positioning time. So users have a very good experience.

Wanhe GPS as a strategic partner Saint Hubert of Kay Rucker, all products are pre-installed the latest 2011 Winter Kay Lide map. The V723 built-Kay Rucker winter version of the map and round after round through the latest version (with E urban 3D city). The large capacity 8GB of memory, once again leading the industry, the general capacity of a navigation map is close to 3G, with the increase of the map data, 8GB become the standard of the GPS industry is the inevitable result.

The Wanhe V723 built-in 8GB storage, but also support external TF card memory, users can purchase TF extended stored.

The the Junan DSA is a mobile speed warning of fixed speed and the security warning and the perfect combination of navigation map software platform includes more than 300,000 safe driving information and seamless integration of any of the navigation map can be optional with the user, while The original information added to the platform to ensure that the data update cycle within 15 days. In ideas and technical ingenuity, the majority of the industry and users.

The Wanhe first introduced to China’s leading gold medal after-sales service, Wan Wo has an industry-leading gold medal team, and all over the country of sale terminals and network self-upgrade center. The gold medal-quality after-sales service including hardware-year warranty, map free upgrade more than twice a year, guaranteed. This marks the the Wanhe brand integrity of the system is the comprehensive embodiment of the Wanhe hard power and soft power.